October 2016: A national conference on ‘water and environment: sustainable development in changing climate’ was held in Pakistan focussed on collaboration on reducing knowledge gaps and water sector investment risks in the upper Indus basin. The event was supported by Water and Environment Forum (WEF).


February 2016: International conference on ‘climate and environmental change impacts on the Indus basin waters,’ was held in Kathmandu, and brought over 80 participants including policy makers and journalists from Afghanistan, China, India and Pakistan. Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan Hafeez-ur-Rahman inaugurated the event, supported by ICIMOD, World Bank, the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and South Asia Water Initiative (SAWA)
The key outcomes were:

  • Participants agreed to collaborate on generating and sharing knowledge, implement practices and influence policy.
  • UIB will facilitate coordination and cooperation among partners through Indus Forum, and various stakeholders and policy makers.

uibn milestone

April 2014: A field visit was organized in Gilgit Baltistan, upper Indus basin, for 45 international and Pakistan national experts. The team found that there was a need to increase environmental monitoring in the area. This would improve the understanding of cryosphere dynamics and the linkage between upstream and downstream communities, and support in building the capacities of both communities and institutions.