2010: Expert consultation on a long-term programme to share scientific knowledge on the Upper Indus Basin (UIB)

2012: UIB Monitoring Working Group (MWG) formed by national and international partners

2014: Field visit of government, non-government, and international experts to Gilgit-Baltistan leads to the formation of six transboundary working groups (TWGs); UIB MWG renamed as the Upper Indus Basin Network (UIBN)

2017: UIBN begins collaborating with the Indus Forum and co-organizing international events such as the Indus Basin Knowledge Forum (IBKF)

2018: UIBN members decide to expand the network to all riparian countries – Afghanistan, China, India, and Pakistan – through respective country chapters

Jan 2019: Endorsement of a new governance framework with regional and country structure

Jan 2019–present: All four country chapters formed; Regional Strategic Committee meeting being regularly convened; theory of change drafted; proposal for joint research and bilateral projects discussed