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Third Upper Indus Basin Network Regional Strategic Committee meeting

Reflecting on shared learnings and expanding collaborative research in the UIB


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Date & Time

25 June 2020


Ashmita Shakya


Climate change-related challenges transcend national boundaries. Recognizing the need for regional cooperation and knowledge sharing to address such challenges in the Indus basin, the Upper Indus Basin Network (UIBN) was formally established in 2014 as a knowledge-sharing network that works on climate research, community interventions, and policy making. The UIBN brings together researchers working in the basin to explore issues such as water availability and demand and emerging hazards and develop gender-sensitive solutions for all stakeholders within the basin.

In 2018, the UIBN’s governance framework was adopted, with the Regional Strategic Committee (RSC) as the apex governance mechanism and Country Strategic Committees (CSC) in the four basin countries (Afghanistan, China, India, and Pakistan). The RSC meets biannually and is attended by two members from each country chapter, one member from a relevant international organization, and two members from the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD). Participants of the meeting discuss the UIBN’s progress, find ways to promote collaboration and offer guidance to the UIBN country chapters.

The RSC meeting held in August 2019 developed a Theory of Change and laid out future plans for the network, including the preparation of a joint project proposal on the impacts of climate change on water resources. To further discuss these developments, the UIBN had planned its regional UIBN annual meeting (RUAM) and RSC meeting in February 2020. However, in view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a virtual RSC meeting will be organized instead. The RSC will discuss country chapters’ progress and devise a strategy and guidelines to address emerging challenges.

  • Assess country chapters’ progress Share recent updates on scientific findings in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic related to the Upper Indus Basin
  • Set strategic guidelines for the UIBN to help the network function more independently through its country chapters at the national and regional levels Decide the next RUAM’s outline, date, and venue


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