Strategic and Policy Partner

Partners in this category support development and formulation of mountain-specific development strategies, policies and legislation. These key partners include focal ministries, national and regional organisations, and global partners, and the partnerships are usually formalized through a MoU.

  1. Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) – Nodal Agency
  2. Aga Khan Foundation
  3. National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA)


Implementation Partner

Partners in this category include operational partners and research partners. They support regional programme implementation either individually in the RMCs or through the consortium of partners, usually formalized through a LoA with financial obligations.

  1. Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS)


Knowledge Partners and Network

Partners in this category include universities and academic institutions; regional and global network organisations; science partners and thematic networks; institutions engaged in advocacy, outreach, knowledge sharing and exchange and dissemination including media organisations and publication houses.

  1. Aga Khan Foundation
  2. Eshraq Institute of Higher Education
  3. Kabul Polytechnic University
  4. Kabul University (KU), Kabul
  5. Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)