ICIMOD-Supported Symposium Drafts Declaration for Sustainable Wetland Management in Nepal

About 80 participants from 13 different countries came together to share knowledge and discuss wetland issues at an International Symposium on Wetlands in Pokhara, Nepal, 7–9 November. The symposium, organized by Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation, Government of Nepal, and technically and financially supported by ICIMOD, focused on four different themes: wetlands and biodiversity, wetlands and ecosystem services, wetlands and climate change, and wetlands governance. ICIMOD helped bring wetlands experts from Bhutan, China, and India and contributed to the symposium by sharing its strategic approach for conserving and managing high-altitude wetlands in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region, highlighting the linkages between ecosystem services and human wellbeing and providing inputs in the drafting of a declaration for sustainable management and use of wetlands resources in Nepal.