Min Bahadur Gurung

Institution Development Analyst


Mr Min Bdr Gurung has more than 20 years experience in various fields including participatory planning and monitoring, social mobilisation for poverty alleviation, micro-enterprise development, gender analysis, participatory agricultural research and extension, appreciative planning and action, the participatory rural appraisal approach, and, most recently, gender and community-based climate change analysis. He has particular skills in capacity building and institutional strengthening at the community level for mountain poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation. He has worked with mountain poor, women, and disadvantaged groups to empower and to make them conscious for their own development. Mr Gurung has also worked as a development facilitator in various development projects in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan region and possesses the necessary interpersonal skills to work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and professions. He holds a Master’s degree in Rural Social Development from Reading University, United Kingdom.