Solar pump owner: Kumari Tharuni
District: Bara
VDC: Bachanpurwa, Ward 9
Command area 1.52 hectares
Current crops Aquaculture & cereal crops
Future plans Expansion of aquaculture
“Now with a reliable source of water, we have been able to start a successful aquaculture farm.” – Kapil Dev Chaudhary, Kumari’s husband

Kapil Dev Chaudhary and his wife, Kumari Tharuni, have been commercial aquaculture farmers for the past four years. They were inspired to take up aquaculture after talking to their neighbour who started his own fish farm with the help of a solar powered irrigation pump. Their neighbour had achieved fantastic results after installing a solar pump, and Kapil thought it might be worth investing in the system. The pump and land is under his wife Kumari’s name. By transferring the land and pump ownership to her, they could get additional discounts offered to female farmers. This provision is aimed at empowering women in agriculture. Kapil has indeed seen great success after the installation of the pump. 

Before the installation of the solar powered system, Kapil’s only source of water was a canal. The canal was insufficient for any type of aquaculture, and unreliable for traditional agriculture. Kapil also had a 7.5 HP diesel pump; operating the pump was expensive and time consuming. Now, with solar irrigation, he has adequate and reliable access to water. His fish farm has taken off and is providing sustainable income to him and his family. They had been cultivating cereal crops and vegetables for their own consumption. Now their production has increased and he is now sending the surplus to the market. The new system is easy to use, so both he and his wife can operate it. 

Kapil plans to expand his farm. He wants to get at least another 0.5 hectare of land on which he can build more ponds for aquaculture. He is also interested to use more modern technology in his future practices. He is hoping that his children, who are now young, will pursue agriculture and eventually take over the farm. 

He was inspired to invest in solar irrigation after he saw his neighbour benefit greatly from it. Now many people come to him to inquire about the solar powered system, just as he used to visit his neighbour to do the same. Kapil offers them advice and first-hand knowledge about the advantages of owning the system. He is able to inspire others much like he was once inspired. He enjoys helping others in his community by sharing his struggles and the secret to his success: solar irrigation. 

Solar irrigation has changed the game for the Chaudhary family. They are now successful aquaculture farmers. As their income and production has increased, they are reinvesting in their farm. Their livelihood has improved significantly and they have big aspirations for the future thanks to solar powered irrigation.