Guideline Nomination Process

  1. 1. Who can be nominated – what are the eligibility criteria? Any individual, organization, or private sector entity that has done outstanding work in the field of sustainable and resilient mountain development in the HKH is eligible for the prize and can be nominated (hereafter referred to as “nominee”).

    The nominee must have made a demonstrable impact in one or more work areas such as access to water and sanitation, clean energy, climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation, disaster risk reduction, and livelihoods/income generation in the HKH.

  2. Who can nominate candidates for the prize? Any individual can nominate any other individual, organization, or private sector entity that meets the eligibility criteria outlined above, including his/her own organization or company, for the prize. We expect the said individual (hereafter referred to as “nominator”) to be very familiar with the work of the nominee. It is imperative that the nominee’s consent (head of the entity in case of an organization or company) is received before nomination.

    Self-nomination (nominating oneself for the prize) is not permitted. However, if you would like to be considered for the prize as an individual, you can have someone who closely knows you and your work nominate you.

    The nominator may nominate only once.

  3. How to nominate?
    Anybody wishing to nominate an eligible individual, organization, or company for the prize must submit his or her nomination through the relevant online form, which will be made public from 5 June 2019 through 31 August 2019.

    The nominator must provide accurate information on his/her nominee’s work and the impact it has brought about.

    In particular, the nominator must provide details on the following:
  • Personal information of the nominee, such as full name and contact address
  • Work area(s) in which the nominee has made demonstrable impact
  • An overview of the nominee’s outstanding work
  • A credible narrative on how the nominee’s outstanding work has contributed to sustainable and resilient mountain development and/or brought about transformative change on the ground
  • An argument for why the nominee deserves to win the prize
  • Supporting documents, including links to online articles, videos, or publications that provide evidence of the nominee’s work and impact
  • Contact information of two referees who also know the nominee well
  • Statement vouching for the accuracy of the information provided through the nomination form