Hands on Training on Contour Hedgerow Agroforestry Practices to Farmers and District Agricultural Office Staff from Argakhanchi


ICIMOD Knowledge Park provided 3 days hands on training to farmers and District Agriculture Office staff from Argakhanchi district which was supported by the Peace Crop, Nepal. The main objective of the training was to provide hands on training to farmers on contour hedgerow establishment on sloping agricultural land and contour hedgerow intercropping (Contour hedgerow agroforestry practices). 

In 3 days training the major topics covered are 1) how to make A-frame, by using local material (bamboo) 2) how to use A-frame to identify the contour point 3) draws contour line and preparation of site for contour hedgerow planting 4) selection of suitable nitrogen fixing plants for hedgerow planting 5) how to manage contour hedgerow row to produce more biomass and reduce shading effect to alley crops. On the last day the participants were provided training/demonstration how to make beehive type bio-briquette and vertical vegetable farming.  

A-Frame preparation by participants before field exercise.

During the feedback session, the participants found the contour hedgerow intercropping will be very useful in their area mainly reduce soil erosion and also intercropping with vegetable to generate income. Altogether 12 participants (8 male and 4 female participants) the 3 days trainings.

During feedback session, the participants reported that the knowledge and skill they have gained in 3 days hands on training were very useful and relevant and they will use the skill knowledge in they have gained from this training mainly to reduce soil erosion in their sloping land agricultural farming and also make briquette from pine needles which is not in use in their villages. 

Land preparation for planting nitrogen fixing plant as an contour hedgerow