Local farmer to entrepreneur—adapting to change


On the way to Syaphrubesi from Dhunche, we saw a small board advertising “Fresh Rainbow Trout”.  As is what happens with most people from Kathmandu, the word “fresh” drew our attention and we decided to stop over. The board led us to a restaurant which looked much like home.  Upon entering, we discovered that the restaurant belonged to Temba Gyalsing Tamang.  We also learnt that he had received the “President Best Farmer Award” from the Ministry of Agriculture, the certificate for which was hanging on a wall in the restaurant. The few of us who were drawn towards that restaurant by fresh fish were now more interested in knowing about Tamang than we were in tasting the fish.

We started asking questions and Tamang was more than willing to share his fascinating story of success with us. He started telling us his story as he prepared a fresh fish meal for us.  I was listening intently, realising that it wasn’t just a meal, but a story to be shared, that was in the making.  As I was listening, I was also looking at the 20 fish ponds of varying sizes (14 for big fish and 6 for fry) that were located behind a modest house that he owns.


Anju Pandit