International Symposium on

Transforming Mountain Forestry 

Bridging transboundary challenges with 21st century paradigms for the welfare of mountain people, forests and environment in the Hindu Kush Himalayas

Dehradun, India
18 - 22 January 2015

Speaker's Profile

P P Bhojvaid

P.P. Bhojvaid has 30 years’ experience in forestry in various parts of India, with
a focus on eco-restoration of degraded sites and ecological, technical and
economical aspects of agroforestry. At present, he is steering research,
development, education and extension activities at the Forest Research
Institute, Dehradun, India. This Institute provides advisory services on various
aspects of sustainable forest management to the state forest departments,
farmers, ministries and other stakeholders in India. Dr Bhojvaid is also Vice
Chancellor of the FRI Deemed University, which awards postgraduate and
doctoral degrees to registered scholars. A member of the Indian Forest Service,
he has a PhD in Forestry Ecology from University of Toronto, Canada. He also
worked as Vice-Chancellor of TERI University, which imparts education in niche areas of sustainable development.