Science and Technology Training in Grindelwald and Tubingen


As part of training for emerging scientists working in the areas of glaciology, atmospheric processes and hydrology, Mr Sudan Bikash Maharjan of International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) participated in a 12-day training programme in Switzerland and Germany.

The training, called ‘2013 TPE Science and Technology Training’, was held from 12 through 24 August 2013 in Grindelwald, Switzerland, and Tubingen, Germany. The training brought together 31 emerging scientists and PhD students from several distinguished universities and science research institutes in the Third Pole region. 

“We were given the rare opportunity to make contact with field experts and international peers in learning about current methods, technology, and achievements in glaciology,” says Mr Sudan Bikash Maharjan, who works with Mountain Environment Regional Information System (MENRIS), one of the six regional programmes under ICIMOD. 

The Third Pole Environment (TPE) program organized the training with support from Bureau of International Co-operation Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research

The training was done in two parts: first being the technical training on glaciology and field excursion from 12 to 22 August in Grindelwald and the second being the 28th Himalayan Karakorum Tibet (HKT) workshop and 6th international symposium on Tibetan Plateau joint conference from 22 to 24 August in Tubingen. 

Guest speakers talked on various topics like glaciology, glacier geomorphology, climate change, dendrochronology, and time series data analysis. The field excursion took participants to Grindelwald Glacier and Jungfraujoch High Altitude Research Station in Switzerland. 

The HKT workshop featured two parallel sessions: one focused on Geodynamic of HKT, and the other on Climate, Hydrology, Cryosphere, and Ecosystems. There were 54 oral presentations and 27 poster presentations in HKT Geodynamic and 43 oral presentations and 38 poster presentations in Climate, Hydrology, Cryosphere, and Ecosystems.